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Learn What Your Eyes Can Tell You

Holistic Iridology can show you how to best support your health

Support Your Body The Right Way

By knowing what your eyes say about your health, you can get to the cause of your health problems with natural solutions rather than chasing symptoms.

Utah Iridologist

How Holistic Iridology Can Help

Map of the Body

The eye is like a map of the body and can show what is happening in various systems and structures throughout.

Clear Emotions

Various organs and structures throughout the body correspond with certain emotions. Knowing this can lead to greater emotional wellbeing.

Natural Solutions

Knowing what may be ailing your body can help you know how best to support it. We offer natural solutions through food and herbs.

No Diagnosis

We do not diagnose diseases or conditions through iridology. Rather, we assess conditions and levels of health based on genetics and accumulations.

Client Testimonials

I made so many connections during my session. Not only to physical symptoms going on that traditional medical doctors have not been able to detect or help me with but to underlying emotional issues in my life. It was incredible! I was very happy with my experience!
Britten H.
I was impressed with how knowledgeable Jordan was on each aspect of my eyes that he found concerns on. He was open to all my questions because I wanted to understand what he was seeing and what the major concerns were. And then he was able to then take the weaknesses in my body that he found through my eyes and identify the herbs and whole foods that address those weaknesses. It was a great experience for me.
Mark B.
This was a great baseline for me to have so I can make health goals and plans with direction behind it. I learned that my feelings and emotions play a direct role with my health and saw examples of that, and found areas that I should look into deeper (checkup at a doctor's office, look at foods and supplements to start taking, etc.)
Jess A.

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